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He tells of the characters who populated his childhood cosmos: the walking wounded, outcasts and failures -- or 'those left footsore by life,' as he puts it.
If you were a visitor to tyneside on September 4 you would have seen the tyne, where it passes beneath the most famous of the bridges, transformed into a spectacular arena to mark the one millionth exultant but footsore arrival in South Shields clad in sweat and Vaseline.
It's a more than comfortable base for when you're footsore from all that activity.
One wonders if the forebears of the footsore "masterless men" noticed any difference, and Poggio's own eyewitness account of fun-loving Baden (173-76) rather spoils Greenblatt's case; but the damage has been done and one is left either to pay obeisance at the feet of the Harvard philosophe or to lament the dumbing-down apparently required by addressing a non-specialist public.
Written in the late 1860s, and published in Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book, Rossetti's "Crying, my little one, footsore and weary?
Each day they scurry and tinker, unacknowledged by the footsore art-lovers who might spend three hours waiting in line at the Louvre's pyramidal entrance (the museum now has signs advising visitors how much longer they can expect to wait, like a Disneyland ride).
I suppose, although I can prove it to no one, those are the days my dogs remember as well, and that, at the end of the day, tired and footsore and sleeping in their kennels in the back of my truck, those are the days my dogs recall in their contented dreams.
Like so many that you see in magazines where some poor bastard plans and saves and dreams of going to Africa one day only to shoot a breeding age bull out of a herd on a fenced property on his second day there, and he never knows that he did it all wrong because he never gets the opportunity to really work for it and be tired and footsore and know the adrenaline rush from getting close to the really old dagga boys.
3) Doyce's footsore companions in fatigue include the likes of James Watt and Matthew Boulton (see Uglow 2002) and, around the time Little Dorrit was being written, Sir Rowland Hill, originator of the penny-post, Chief Secretary of the Post Office, and bone of contention in the spat between James FitzJames Stephen of the Edinburgh Review and Dickens himself (see Shelston [ed.
15) Even so, when some Sufis supplied lodging for a caravan or footsore traveler, their monastery earned the name ribat.
IN September, while Paris was still warm and damp, its sidewalks slick, its museums and churches still crammed, its umbrellaed guides still hurrying their footsore charges through the narrow streets, I ducked into Shakespeare and Company for a bit of quiet and a feeling of home.
I was tired, aching and footsore but getting back into that warm, inviting hotel room was amazing.