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Rossetti, "Crying, my little one, footsore and weary," illustrated by Arthur Hughes, Sing-Song: A Nursery-Rhyme Book (London, 1872), p.
Footsore shopping AS a former resident of Birmingham whis now an occasional visitor I am naturally interested to see the new city taking shape.
I was tired, aching and footsore but getting back into that warm, inviting hotel room was amazing.
Here, HEATHER GREENAWAY meets the happy – and footsore – couples.
He didn't know that his audience of business reporters were thoroughly footsore, fatigued, hungry, thirsty, and generally fond of cloaking themselves in dour sophistication.
and the footsore singer celebrated by taking to the stage at a charity festival he spearheaded.
But it was the mountains that thrilled me the most, and being able to come down to the valley floor, footsore and tired after a long day, look up at their looming presence and to say with satisfaction: "I was up there.
Footsore from walking in my leather dress shoes, I asked the boys if I could rent a bicycle.
Footsore Richard arrived at the resort made famous by the cult television sitcom after a four-day run from the Essex town.
Sykes reported that his men had marched without rest, many without food, footsore, and greatly exhausted, yet they bore the retreat cheerfully and set an example of tenacity and discipline worthy of older more experienced Soldiers.
One year, as our straggling, footsore band of pilgrims neared the church, the vicar--a rather eccentric but enthusiastic high-churchman, radiating tousled white hair and expansive gestures--came out in surplice and cope with a delegation of his parishioners led by cross and candles to meet us.
OFFERING footsore revellers flipflops, bottles of water or a shoulder to cry on, Street Pastors have proved a real blessing on Newcastle's streets.