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It's been suggested that you book meetings early and late in the day, which leaves time for taking in the rest of the show before you get tired and footsore.
It was carried as a carbine by saddle-sore troopers and rifle-musket by footsore infantrymen.
We shared the nom de plume Footsore Searcher when covering conference exhibit floors.
If Harold's tired and footsore men had not had to endure a 300-mile march back south to engage with William's 7,000-strong force, the Normans might have been routed.
Dotted throughout their journey are the elements that will cohere in "Waiting for Godot": the blasted landscape, the tedium of life as a near vagrant, the mundane conversations about boots and carrots between a footsore, starving couple.
FOOTSORE fundraisers had raised more than PS30,000 for a team of rescue volunteers.
He tells of the characters who populated his childhood cosmos: the walking wounded, outcasts and failures -- or 'those left footsore by life,' as he puts it."
If you were a visitor to tyneside on September 4 you would have seen the tyne, where it passes beneath the most famous of the bridges, transformed into a spectacular arena to mark the one millionth exultant but footsore arrival in South Shields clad in sweat and Vaseline.
It's a more than comfortable base for when you're footsore from all that activity.
One wonders if the forebears of the footsore "masterless men" noticed any difference, and Poggio's own eyewitness account of fun-loving Baden (173-76) rather spoils Greenblatt's case; but the damage has been done and one is left either to pay obeisance at the feet of the Harvard philosophe or to lament the dumbing-down apparently required by addressing a non-specialist public.
Written in the late 1860s, and published in Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book, Rossetti's "Crying, my little one, footsore and weary?" takes up Greenwell's subject of a solitary mother comforting her child as she treks through a winter storm:
Each day they scurry and tinker, unacknowledged by the footsore art-lovers who might spend three hours waiting in line at the Louvre's pyramidal entrance (the museum now has signs advising visitors how much longer they can expect to wait, like a Disneyland ride).