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Whether FOP schemes should be mandatory or voluntary.
La circunstancia de FID < FCV y FOP en casos de TDAH concuerda con investigaciones previas (Calhoun y Mayes, 2005; Lopez-Villalobos, 2002) y con las realizadas mediante el WISCIII, donde se observa que FID se encuentra mas afectado en TDAH que en controles (Perugini, Harvey Lovejoy, Sandstrom y Webb, 2000; Reinecke, Beebe y Stein, 1999).
Treatment options for sufferers of FOP are mostly limited to pain control during flare-ups, which occur when the body generates new bone.
For greater accuracy in discovering the root cause of industrial grounding problems and for safer, improved plant production, Smart Ground Testing combines several testing functions not available in previous FOP and clamp-on methods.
Now, virtually every muscle in his body has turned to bone, making him one of the worst cases of FOP ever.
Children with FOP appear normal at birth, except for a congenital malformation of the great toe.
Recommended procedures to control damage by Fop in the Central High Plains include seed treatment with fungicide, deep soil ripping, and timely application of irrigation to avoid moisture stress (Schwartz et al.
Yinka Shonibare's photographic series "Diary of a Victorian Dandy," 1998, enacts the sentimental cliches of Merchant-Ivory films by means of the figure of an aristocratic "black" fop.
Many believe the strained relations began when the FOP, the bargaining unit for police officers and sergeants, brought in an outside labor consultant for negotiations in 1992.
Divorce has always been a costly proposition fop husband and wifealike.
Citing the increasingly deadly opioid epidemic, National FOP President Chuck Canterbury pointed to Browns legislation as a priority for making sure law enforcement officers have the necessary resources as they work to keep deadly synthetic opioids from entering the country.