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Fresh from his eyebrow makeover, Sewell injects arrogant foppishness but is easily outshone in the cartoon villainy stakes by Nick Chinlund who, sporting wooden dentures and a black frock coat, goes about murderously doing the Lord's work on behalf of a simmering conspiracy involving the Confederacy and a nitro-glycerine factory.
For one thing, although he might take a swing at European foppishness, his own party is itself open to such European luxury.
"The way I used movements, the way he gestures and the way he talks, there is a slight campness, a slight foppishness to the way I play Tony, but I feel very comfortable playing him.
As Catherine Hall (1992) explains, "[middle-class] critiques of the degeneracy and effeminacy of the aristocracy focused on its softness, sensuousness, indolence, luxuriousness, foppishness, and lack of a proper sense of purpose and direction" (p.
I was invariably hailed almost as a cousin, a fellow colonial rebel against the British empire, a fellow critic of British foppishness, British condescension, British incompetence etc.
Civility and courtesy evidently are seen by many reporters--especially younger ones--as leftover frills from their parents' generation, to be used only on rare occasions, if necessary, as puffery, or foppishness.