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The way I used movements, the way he gestures and the way he talks, there is a slight campness, a slight foppishness to the way I play Tony, but I feel very comfortable playing him.
As Catherine Hall (1992) explains, "[middle-class] critiques of the degeneracy and effeminacy of the aristocracy focused on its softness, sensuousness, indolence, luxuriousness, foppishness, and lack of a proper sense of purpose and direction" (p.
I was invariably hailed almost as a cousin, a fellow colonial rebel against the British empire, a fellow critic of British foppishness, British condescension, British incompetence etc.
Civility and courtesy evidently are seen by many reporters--especially younger ones--as leftover frills from their parents' generation, to be used only on rare occasions, if necessary, as puffery, or foppishness.
As the chit-chatting cocktailers mill about awaiting Timon's arrival, the Painter, decked out in a brilliant red hat and a colorless thrift-store blazer over a kelly green T-shirt - and played with a kind of club-kid foppishness by Scott Parkinson - lounges with his sketch pad in a rented folding chair.
The violent foppishness of Britain's youth stylings has long excited worldwide comment, whether in the American reaction to the Beatles' hairstyles in 1964, or in Japan's current fascination with the precise, simultaneous excavation of every youth fashion since World War II.