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Not unlike the fools for Christ's sake and adepts of Eastern religions who use shock tactics to flout the conventions of society, Stultitia scorns the pretensions of learning, especially in its medieval and Scholastic forms, and shows the limitations of worldly wisdom.
During the speech, Scalia, quoting the Apostle Paul, said that Christians are "fools for Christ's sake.
It was most unfair and I appreciated that when I looked at it again so fair is fair and he was very gracious about accepting it but I did say for Christ's sake will you stop this.
What it means is, for Christ's sake get boring, get a beige cardigan, settle down and be boring.
Chris Lawley For Christ's sake what a moaning bunch.
This is CCFC for Christ's sake, don't all our contracts and transfers end up being a drama?
People worked side by side for Christ's sake not their own.
Whether that word is spoken or sung, whether that word is written in a scholarly article or parsed in a way that a child or a person in the early stages of Alzheimer's can understand, the centrality of that word--by grace, for Christ's sake, through faith--needs to be said and sung again and again.
But for Christ's sake, give a guy a break, would ya?