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So please For god's sake Stop smiling and pretending.
If the weather is bad, for God's sake - for all our sakes - slow down.
For God's sake president, stop defending us, we know that it is not easy for a president to cope in an utterly polarized society as Macedonia.
For God's sake leave him alone, he is a very talented player on the field.
Her friends were saying: "They are kids, for God's sake.
so if only to hasten the arrival of the day they're done and we can move on to March Madness, for God's sake, let the Games begin.
And for God's sake, get Scott Lowell to some acting classes.
The call is for all of us to grow in worship and grow in the work of God, not for our sake or the sake of the Church but for God's sake and the sake of the world,' he told the congregation.
His message ( headlined For God's Sake Birmingham Use Your Vote
The transport system is so cocked-up it takes six hours to get to your own toilet for God's sake - and even then you have to pay a congestion charge.