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Too many in the construction industry are hanging on for grim death to the status quo of outdated attitudes and mediocre standards in the mistaken belief that they cost less and that they will support a suicidal reduction in margins demanded by the marketplace.
I was holding on for grim death but I could feel myself being sucked out, too.
Gowell said: "It's been a while since I've had a good sprint like that so in the end I just hung on for grim death to give Gareth a chance going into the last leg.
The roared response of the other thrill-seekers on the Speedway ride never sounded more threatening, given I was hanging on to the handlebars of my "bike" for grim death as my backside slipped increasingly off the saddle and into oblivion.
We lost the momentum, they gained it and we were hanging on for grim death at the end.
We hung on for grim death as we soared heavenwards and once we worked up the nerve to actually open our eyes, we got a fabulous view of Newcastle.
He could have sneaked another couple - but at the end it was the Black Cats hanging on for grim death as Crewe desperately tried to halt the slump which had seen them ship 11 goals in their previous three matches as they unerringly sink back into relegation trouble.
It also bucked the usual Scottish football trend when matched up with our so-called betters which involves going on the defensive, hiding behind the couch and hanging on for grim death.
That was a one off where you stand on the touchline, hanging on for grim death and get a goal like that.
I'm on an electricity box attached to the wall and balancing and hanging on for grim death because it was a 100ft drop.
Whichever way up, our Alan was feeling no pain as he lurched into the night from the Electric, Notting Hill, clinging on to a fancy-dressed pal for grim death.
Assessing the game in which his side took a seemingly comfortable two-goal lead before finding themselves in the all too familiar position of hanging on for grim death, he said: "It was a little bit shaky at the end but you would expect that considering the run we have been on.