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in Scottish civil procedure, the part of an initial writ that specifies the names and designations of the parties to an action. See also COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE.

COURT, INSTANCE. One of the branches of the English admiralty is called an instance court. Vide Instance Court.

INSTANCE, civil and French law. It signifies, generally, all sorts of actions and judicial demands. Dig. 44, 7, 58.

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Intrawest's Stratton Mountain in Vermont, for instance, has cooperated extensively with state wildlife biologists to protect black bear habitat, and ASC has changed its water withdrawal regimen to meet newly revised streamflow standards.
For instance, Christians must understand that Jesus was a Semitic person.
On an eight-layer die, for instance, each mandrel would be fed by a single hole while seven remaining through holes would allow other melt streams to pass through.
For instance, at one family camp, the lead counselor kept addressing the adults as, "You guys." Later he introduced a game by saying, "Hey!
Hence, for instance, the advent of a newly-devised international monetary arrangement in 1944, known as the Bretton Woods System (1945-1971).(3) This arrangement--coupled with the Marshall Plan for the post-war reconstruction of Europe, and the Agency for International Development (AID) for the Third World--exponentially increased U.S.
For instance, Excel 4.0 for Windows requires a minimum of 2 MB of memory.
For instance, denial, revocation, or restriction of a physician's medical staff membership or clinical privileges is not reportable if it is based on such factors as a failure to comply with medical staff rules and regulations, as long as this failure does not affect a patient's health.
For instance, in Dallas, authorities investigated an Internet fraud complaint in which the complainant told police he purchased $5,300 worth of merchandise from a local business but never received the goods.
Chlamydia, for instance, can cause blockages and other reproductive problems.
In the UCLA study, for instance, the scientists added an exercise to their simulations in which they inflated their capsomer-enclosed spheres until the armor plating burst.
Mothers had, for instance, to find housing for their schools each year, often resulting in a frantic hunt for an empty church basement or community recreation facility.
It has, for instance, seen four of its original 24 promoters--Commercial Union, Norwich Union, General Accident and London & Edinburgh--become one:Aviva plc.