for legitimate reason

See: for cause
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Vote Yes, vote No but do it for legitimate reasons.
Some might have it for legitimate reasons, such as they are saving up for an extension.
In a statement, the force said: "We have listened to the community regarding their concerns as we have received a number of complaints from members of the public who have attended in these areas for legitimate reasons and have found people in varying states of undress engaging in various sexual activities.
A car may stop for legitimate reasons such as dropping off a passenger or making a delivery.
Opioid analgesics were designed to help people in pain, and we want to be sure that those who require them for legitimate reasons can continue to effectively manage their pain," Dr.
He said: "Those who carry knives for legitimate reasons have nothing to fear from this amnesty.
They also risk discrimination claims due to disability, sex and even religion, if rewards are given for full attendance without making allowances for legitimate reasons why employees may need to take time off.
34), while you point out that the Catholic Church does not oppose the use of hypnotism for legitimate reasons.
Responding to the Jockey Club's move, Richard Thomas, Chester chief executive, said: "It's difficult for us as we have to assume that trainers withdraw horses for legitimate reasons.
Some of that money is kept for legitimate reasons,like building works or emergencies,but when the figure rose to record levels last year,Liverpool council stepped in.
It would attract citizens of any country by helping to protect them in their own travels -- and also appeal to national pride, organizing those who want to make their own society more hospitable to business travelers, workers, tourists, customers, relatives, refugees, and any other visitors who are not excluded for legitimate reasons.
While they're often told no for legitimate reasons, if requirements are too restrictive, it's worth talking about changing the code.