for that reason

References in classic literature ?
And the division of labour which required the carpenter and the shoemaker and the rest of the citizens to be doing each his own business, and not another's, was a shadow of justice, and for that reason it was of use?
Of course, a consideration can be a normative reason without anyone acting for that reason. So, the reasoning in which a normative reason figures as a premise need not be a train of thought undertaken or followed by any actual agent.
And for that reason, the desire and what it aims at serve as a motivating reason (albeit a non-instrumental reason).
That is, one is moved to [phi]-because-p because one intends to be acting for that reason, where the content of this intention is that one is hereby doing [phi] because of the belief that p.
The underlying assumption here is that a person's loyalty and commitment to Islam is unaffected by his or her attempt to seek knowledge from a non-Islamic source, nor is the knowledge so obtained of any lesser validity for that reason alone.
For that reason other acts of union in a certain sense are incomplete and they receive their full moral quality with ordination towards the fertile act." In other words, the majority divides acts of married love into two categories.
For that reason, I think public education has to be the organization's most important priority.
But one can, of course, have a reason without acting for that reason. And I do not make it my reason by reflective endorsement.