for the duration

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The maximum amount of orders for the duration of the initial period is 50.000 euros HT.
The CART method, developed as a combination of statistics and artificial intelligence, has a number of advantages and, as such, is one of the most commonly used methods for the duration modelling of speech segments today.
For the duration corresponding to 80% of the total duration, the precipitation varies from 97.8 to 99.8% (P10) of the total precipitation.
In 1940, when it looked as if Britain was going to be invaded and might be taken over by Nazism, thousands of American families--and Canadian families too--offered to take in British children for the duration of the war.
The home must be owner occupied for the duration of the exemption period and no leasing of any portion of the property is allowed.
An NNIS risk index score was calculated for each patient by assigning one point each for a contaminated wound, an ASA score [is greater than or equal to] 3, and surgical procedures lasting longer than the NNIS-derived 75th percentile for the duration of the procedure (23).
"Econometric Methods for the Duration of Unemployment," Econometrica, 47: 939-956.
Finally, VR performance analysis using this single point of earnings assumes that rehabilitated persons will remain at the same job for the duration of their employment life.