for the duration

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An NNIS risk index score was calculated for each patient by assigning one point each for a contaminated wound, an ASA score [is greater than or equal to] 3, and surgical procedures lasting longer than the NNIS-derived 75th percentile for the duration of the procedure (23).
Econometric Methods for the Duration of Unemployment," Econometrica, 47: 939-956.
The Flexible Duration No Lapse Guarantee Rider guarantees that the death benefit coverage will continue for the duration the policyowner chooses as long as the No Lapse Guarantee Value (less any policy debt) is greater than zero.
During the "blackout," the 3KVA Evolution UPS provided power to a rack of computer networking equipment and a large plasma screen display while Ballard's AirGen(TM) Portable Fuel Cell generator kept a small refrigerator, lighting and other small electronics operating for the duration of the hour-plus presentation.