for the sake of form

See: pro forma
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One has the feeling these days that elected councillors (paid as they are now) are tolerated by the administrators who have taken complete control, yet for the sake of form do make an occasional pretence of consulting them.
As regards the joint communique, the president must insist on his position that we should not sacrifice content for the sake of form.
Ali Azmat's narrative vacillates between the two, without necessarily being didactic, possibly because his form can compel the viewer to immerse in it for the sake of form alone, and to forgo its symbolic content, if only for a temporary moment.
It is a brief grumble, possibly for the sake of form, and soon thrown into relief by an unbridled enthusiasm for the task at hand, the tasks currently being done by hand at every corner of the racecourse.
Purely for the sake of form, the best course available to MPs is to restrict their expression of annoyance with the unapologetic threesome to a reprimand or a censure.
Where once couples endured buttoned-up loveless marriages for the sake of form, poisoning a whole family's well-being in the process, who's to say their modern equivalent, living happily in sin, isn't producing happier offspring?
When shooting reflections, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the picture, rather than just photograph abstract forms for the sake of form itself.
We were previously also, for the last couple of years, being invited to the G8 meetings, but consultations were merely for the sake of form.
22) In other words, Aristotle takes organs to be only the most obvious instance of the relation between matter and form in general, so that in every actually existing composite substance, matter is for the sake of form.
For the sake of form, Kennedy complained that the Medicare plan was too conservative, but the sight of Kennedy fighting the kind of benefit he'd devoted his entire career to creating left Americans in stitches.
Last night, an Assembly spokeswoman said: "Mr Morgan was reluctant to recall the Assembly just for the sake of form and party leaders did not request that it should be.
I have an open mind on suggestions for recalling the assembly but would be reluctant to request this just for the sake of form.