for this reason

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Thus, 126,986 people stopped to work for this reason.
(21) For this reason, Vogelstein's view appeals to a consistent subset of one's credences.
this most general and "formal" sense commands to do good and avoid evil, without there being a good for this reason to look at, is not only not to be found in Thomas, but is simply inconceivable....
For this reason, Alvarez's contribution to this debate should not be missed.
For this reason, the "fundamentalism" of this theory is a degree-to-which term.
Verse 26 starts with "For this reason", and continues "God gave them up to dishonourable passions The dishonourable passions are not their own reason for being, but are permitted as a consequence of 'something else'.
For this reason, one should never use a chlorhexidine preparation during ear surgery if, for example, there is a hole in the tympanic membrane.
For this reason, the Service did not meet its burden of proving that the requesting spouse had actual knowledge of the nonrequesting spouse's lack of a profit motive, and, therefore, the court granted relief.
Perhaps reflective endorsement is necessary for acting for this reason. But one can, of course, have a reason without acting for that reason.
Early desert monks like Anthony and John Climacus seemed to suspect that it was the flesh that initially disturbed the soul's serenity, compelling the will to consent in evil.(1) For this reason they had taken flight from the sensual world of the city to the bleak environment of the heath, avoiding in particular the sight of women who might provoke spontaneous swellings of passion to the temples of their minds.
The correct answer to this question is "No." To illustrate why, assume that Strategic Bomber chooses not to kill the children in order to promote victory because he believes that killing them for this reason would be morally wrong.
It is for this reason that being good is treated as a formal property--i.e.