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I see,'' said he, ``Sir Sluggish Knight, that thou art a man of prudence and of counsel; and moreover, I see that my poor monastic fare likes thee not, accustomed, perhaps, as thou hast been, to the license of courts and of camps, and the luxuries of cities; and now I bethink me, Sir Sluggard, that when the charitable keeper of this forest-walk left those dogs for my protection, and also those bundles of forage, he left me also some food, which, being unfit for my use, the very recollection of it had escaped me amid my more weighty meditations.
He knew the errors that may be passed over and the faults that must be punished in his men--"his children," as he always called them--and when on campaign he readily gave them leave to forage for provision for man and horse among the wealthier classes.
Going towards the stable, he met the white-legged chestnut, Mahotin's Gladiator, being led to the race-course in a blue forage horsecloth, with what looked like huge ears edged with blue.
I made a forage or two among the Cherokees, when I was a lad myself; and I followed mad Anthony,[*] one season, through the beeches; but there was altogether too much tatooing and regulating among his troops for me; so I left him without calling on the paymaster to settle my arrearages.
At this council every one deposited a certain quantity of money to a common stock, for the necessary expense of buying forage on the way, where it was not otherwise to be had, and for satisfying the guides, getting horses, and the like.
In his own heart was not a little fear of these repulsive creatures, and because of that fear, Bukawai always kept the beasts well fed, often hunting for them when their own forages for food failed, but ever was he cruel to them with the cruelty of a little brain, diseased, bestial, primitive.
Forage kochia (Kochia prostrata) is a shrubby Asian native that has found a new home on western U.
Tufted Tit-Tyrants forage in summer extensively amongst Baccharis, which grows densely in washes where water remains close to the surface.
FORAGE crop specialist British Seed Houses has extended its agricultural sales team with the appointment of Iain Eadie to cover Scotland and North East England.
It contains two varieties of forage and grain soybeans, forage peas, buckwheat, and more.
Small grains variety trials at the University of Kentucky will not only be checking for their potential to produce grain but also for their potential as a forage crop for livestock.
In the 19th century, Charles Darwin proposed that honeybees forage on flowers that they see bumblebees visit.