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It was frequently sighted that they foraged solitary and silently in POME areas, but sometimes, they also mixed with other egret for foraging.
Fergus Drennan is one of the UK's leading foragers and is planning to spend all of 2013 living solely on foraged food.
During all seasons, red-cockaded woodpeckers foraged predominantly within the crown and high-trunk area of trees.
On day l, half the moths foraged from flowers with sugar water, the other half only from empty flowers.
Females, with their greater need for nutrients and energy, foraged for longer than male bats and this was achieved, not by more trips to the distant take, but by a longer second foraging session.
We cut the bottles in half so that we could observe foraging rodents and, with a separate stop watch, recorded the amount of time each foraged.
some guilds foraged significantly more in one habitat; whereas others performed other activities; Table 2).
The investigators found that, in general, groups of robots foraged more efficiently and maintained higher levels of total energy than any single robot did.