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There was no significant difference among habitats for foraging or other activities of sandpipers.
However, for green flowers, an unusual color choice for bees, seeing neighbors foraging increased by 50 percent the chance that a newcomer bee would visit a green flower.
They found that the bats typically undertook one or two foraging bouts a night, to a take some 10 km away, to feed on insects and small fish.
The restaurant will host a Wild Edibles Dinner on Thursday, May 1 to feature some of his findings at the peak of the spring foraging season.
Habitat components within the local environment affect avian foraging behavior as well by influencing the abundance and distribution of prey.
Young bees eating spiked candy turned to foraging later than those eating plain candy did.
Saturday morning begins with breakfast at the local artisan bakery, followed by a foraging trip to the Healdsburg Farmers' Market.
Few studies have examined the foraging ecology of bird species in different forest patch size categories to identify which species are more affected by habitat changes than others, and the extent to which birds are capable of behaviorally compensating for habitat changes (e.
Nieh of the University of California, San Diego and his colleagues examined foraging behavior of an aggressive Brazilian bee, the stingless Trigona spinipes.
Foraging for fruit is often assumed to be an easily acquired skill, unlike foraging for animal prey (Stevens 1985, Desrochers 1992, Ricklefs 2004).
Foraging worker bees are the first insects known to have a social trigger radically change their biological rhythm, report Guy Bloch and Gene Robinson of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.