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CT diagnosis of caecal herniation through the foramen of Winslow.
The cyst is then microsurgically removed through the foramen of Monro.
Foramen arcuale: anatomical study and review of the literature.
The fetus has outgrown its insufficient circulatory dependence on the mother and needs an effective oxygen delivery system; the umbilical cord clamps off, the lungs aerate, the ductus arteriosus involutes, and the foramen ovale seals shut.
A consistent but rarely mentioned feature of the vertebral artery is the prominent loop it makes between the first and second cervical vertebrae (axis), which allows it to pass from the foramen in the axis to the far more laterally placed foramen in the atlas.
The inside-to-out technique is unlikely to pose this problem, since from this angle the artery is shielded by the rim of the obturator foramen.
Given the location, combined with slight bony remodeling of the jugular foramen suggestive of a slow growing lesion, the appearance was thought to be consistent with a glomus jugulare tumor (Fig 2).
The stroke can occur in people with a patent foramen ovale -an opening between two chambers in the heart that is present in about 30 per cent of the general population.
The new study, conducted by researchers in France, reportedly found that all passengers who had pulmonary embolism and then developed a stroke after a long-haul flight had a patent foramen ovale - an opening between two chambers in the heart that is present in about 30% of the general population.
Brown underwent a lateral foramen discectomy, a microscopic procedure, in which a fiber-optics device slices the portion of the disc protruding into the nerve.
Intervertebral foramen (also called neural foramen)--an opening between vertebrae through which nerves leave the spine and extend to other parts of the body.
Patent Foramen Ovale and Atrial and Septal Defect Repair Device Market