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Therefore, bilateral foraminal stenosis at C4/5 and posterior shift of the spinal cord which were thought to have been caused by laminectomy and unintentionally gained lordosis might have resulted in the kinking of bilateral C5 nerve roots.
The surgical goal of an ALIF is to restore and maintain natural disc space and posterior foraminal height, indirectly decompress the neural elements, and introduce or restore proper sagittal and coronal alignment of the spinal column.
Flexion is problematic because it compresses the anterior spine; and extension is problematic because it compresses the intervertebral foraminal spaces and the facet joints.
Long-term follow up of patients surgically treated by the far-lateral approach for foraminal and extraforaminal lumbar disc herniations J Neurosurgery Spine 1999; Vol 90, No.
2009), the X-STOP device increased the cross-sectional diameter of the central canal up to 18% and the foraminal area by 25%.
Dimensions of foraminal openings from L1 to L5 are not expanded.
MR foraminal stenozu gostermede daha az duyarlidir ve BT myelografi kadar kortikal kenarlari gostermez (1).
Anatomic and biomechanical analysis of the lower lumbar foraminal ligaments.
Richie received the results of the MRI, he informed the patient that his severe back pain was caused by three bulging discs, a degenerative disc, foraminal stenosis, and arthritis.
A RM nao e necessaria em todos pacientes com radiculopatia; de fato, ela esta reservada aqueles casos em que a imagem ira guiar o tratamento, sendo util em pacientes com sinais e sintomas neurologicos tais como claudicacao e suspeita de estenose central ou foraminal (3).
She also had left leg weakness secondary to left-sided lumbar foraminal stenoses, as well as a 10-packet-year history of smoking.