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In a short span of less than 11 months Kalyan Jewellers now has a total of nine showrooms in the UAE since its market foray in December 2013.
The mushroom forays are expected to go out at 10:15 a.
According to a report in The Economic Times report, Hero MotoCorp made its international foray on Monday by rolling out a dozen bikes in Colombo.
He was just 11 when he started working in his uncle's restaurant in Chicago and, despite a brief foray into studying art and French history, has stayed true to his first vocation.
On October 14, experts from Durham Wildlife Trust will be leading a Fungal Foray to explore the different kinds of mushroom which grow in Edmond-sley Woods near Chester-le-Street.
Meanwhile, her neighbor Merv, who manages Splash World water park and still lives at home at 30, conducts vague forays into the world of adulthood.
and wide-ranging forays into material culture: tombs, pottery, cult objects, architecture, temples, seals, coins.
Gates takes us from the White House to the projects in Chicago, with insightful forays into the southern "Black Belt" and Hollywood.
Toward this end, Varghese combines traditional devotional discourse with brief forays into history, theology, and the philosophy of religion.
Years ago Annalistes called this total history; and it is good to see anthropologists now making forays into history rather than seeing just historians making forays into anthropology.
But they also anticipate the you-are-there flavor of later subcultural forays like Danny Lyons's The Bikeriders and Bruce Davidson's Brooklyn Gang as well as the seductive, bruising intimacy of Larry Clark's and Nan Goldin's pictures from the edge.
Spiegel's education in the residential market helped with his initial forays into commercial development.