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Under the terms of such agreements, the requisite lenders pursuant to the Credit Facilities agreed to forbear from declaring the principal amounts of such Credit Facilities due and payable as a result of certain specified defaults until March 31, 2016.
Arizona legislators almost certainly cannot authorize a state agency to forbear the use of water from the Colorado River, the legislative body in charge of drafting bills has concluded.
GuestLogix Inc., the leading global provider of ancillary-focused merchandising, payment and business intelligence technology to airlines and the passenger travel industry, has released the following corporate update: The previously disclosed forbearance agreements, pursuant to which the Companys senior lender and subordinated lenders (collectively, the Lenders) agreed to forbear from taking any steps to demand repayment of the amounts owing under the Companys US$7.5 million senior revolving credit facility and CDN$9 million subordinated term credit facility (collectively, the Credit Facilities), expired on December 31, 2015.
Our city fathers have largely ignored the incredible potential that this area holds to attach thousands of visitors to Liverpool in tracing their forbear's 'life journey'', a list of one ships passengers departing to the USA fromWestWaterloo Dock includes President JohnKennedy''s Irish great grandfather.
However, he did confirm that he has an Irish forbear, though wasn't sure whether or not it was a great-grandfather or a great-great grandfather.
Poets corner Bear and Forbear It's kicking off in UKIP and Brexit's getting close.
Does Sports Champions 2 do enough to carve a name for itself despite its all-conquering forbear? Well, perhaps pensioners won't be rushing out to buy PS3s just yet.
n Tazio Nuvolari was the last driver to win a grand prix in an Auto Union car - the famed forbear of today's Audi brand - in Belgrade on September 3,1939.
Erika Rummel, Erasmus' Annotations on the New Testament, Toronto, 1986) or forbear to discuss the question (P.
In this polemic, Fried substantially transformed the dialectic of Modernism as bequeathed to him by his inevitable forbear and sometime mentor Clement Greenberg.
Cornishman Andrew Hawkins has taken himself off to the Gambia to kneel in chains while apologising for the slave-dealing activities of his forbear Sir John Hawkins, the first Englishman to sail a human cargo across the Atlantic.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 3, 2012-LDK New Energy Holdinga[euro](tm)s lenders agree to forbear with respect to LDK Solara[euro](tm)s securities pledged under loan facility(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS