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Refraining from doing something that one has a legal right to do. Giving of further time for repayment of an obligation or agreement; not to enforce claim at its due date. A delay in enforcing a legal right. Act by which creditor waits for payment of debt due by a debtor after it becomes due.

Within Usury law, the contractual obligation of a lender or creditor to refrain, during a given period of time, from requiring the borrower or debtor to repay the loan or debt then due and payable.

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n. an intentional delay in collecting a debt or demanding performance on a contract, usually for a specific period of time. Forbearance is often consideration for a promise by the debtor to pay an added amount.

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abstention from or postponement of the enforcement of a legal right.
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Forbearing, Compton Banker and Signor Panettiere all changed hands after finishing placed in their respective races
Now with Martin Pipe, Forbearing may still be the best alternative but Adjawar's much more solid form entitles him to clear preference.
Spreadex have erred very much on the side of caution with Forbearing at 9-12 and he rates the best sell at that price, since this middle-distance runner is likely to find conditions too quick against the specialist milers.
Sir Mark Prescott reports that Forbearing doesn't seem as good as he was, so it may be best to watch him and have small bet on Red Carnation at 12-1 with Blue Square and the Tote.
Most other countries are much less forbearing when it comes to guns.
Forbearing, who wore a visor for the first time at Cheltenham, threatens to start at a shorter price than Just Superb and that seems wrong, even allowing for the fact his claiming rider takes off a generous 10lb.
The extension will provide additional time for the company to continue negotiations and documentation with the forbearing noteholders with respect to the terms of a restructuring transaction and to obtain consents from the company's senior secured lenders to the transaction.
He was beaten one and three-quarter lengths by Sir Mark Prescott's Foreign Affairs last term and the Heath House trainer has Forbearing on 9st 11lb in this year's renewal.
Besides, Chase The Sunset finished well in front of Heron's Ghyll last time - and well in front of Forbearing, too.
In exchange for the extension, the company has agreed to issue shares of its voting common stock to the forbearing note holders who have executed the most recent amendment if an exchange transaction is not consummated within five days after the end of the forbearance period.
One feels that the paint has been patiently rubbed into the still-visible tooth of the canvas rather than laid on top of it, as though the evident mordancy of the imagery were assuaged by the bleak but forbearing tenderness of its execution.
Moreover, far from being a cold or arrogant personality, as he is so often claimed to be, Bacon is proven to be thoroughly amiable: he had numerous friends and was especially liked by them; he was "remarkably forbearing" even to Coke, but this feeling, needless to add, was not reciprocated.