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Be they from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Poland, Pakistan, Italy, India, Hungary, Ivory Coast, Somalia (the first Somali community was present in Middlesbrough in 1880s) Iran, Iraq or elsewhere, all of our forbears have come from near and far to Teesside.
Of her deceased parents we learn only that her father, a man of noble forbears, died without debt while her mother left the family sunk in it.
I was 27 self-absorbed years old when I decided to interview my parents about their relatives and forbears for a family history which (smugly assuming I was the only Goodden who could write), I would develop into book form and distribute within our family as a Christmas present.
Millions continue to visit the same battlefield their forbears did, even with countless other attractions competing for their attention and dollars.
NCIS'' doesn't boast the fetishistic attention to forensics or digging for clues of some of its forbears, however.
Her forbears were found to include a succession of French and Irish bluebloods starting with a 16th Century Norman Lord called Richard de Clare.
I receive many enquiries for folk trying to locate their forbears and this information would be so helpful to them.
SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE Our forbears ate fatty foods, too, but they worked hard, walked everywhere and danced, jumped, and played games for recreation.
It also seemed important in Portugal to pray that the issues that once divided the Lusitanian church from its Roman forbears might also be dissolved in the ocean of God's unity.
Hume's book is a labour of love--a testament of faith in those who brought Christianity to our forbears and of confidence in the abiding validity of their message.
Our Cro-Magnon forbears were religious 30,000 years ago; our Neadertal cousins, 60,000.
Unlike her New York regionalist forbears, Eisenman doesn't paint street scenes, but she harnesses the street's seamy energy in her work.