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0%) of the cases were probably intentional, two boys and a girl both were about 12 years old; these results are consistent with other results from Islamic countries; the low incidence of suicide could be associated with the strict forbiddance of suicide by Islam and the religious practice of the majority of the populations [9].
They were thus able to leap over the wall of forbiddance and obstruction which Moscow and Beijing have made their permanent policy, no matter how much the horrifying numbers continue to rise and multiply.
80) The present forbiddance is a wise policy, despite its close adherence to the elective principle.
The reason of the forbiddance is the fact, that conversion process (change of metastabile phases CA[H.
Some examples, she says, "are the prohibition of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides; forbiddance of the use of synthetic fertilizers so there is no nitrogen run off; no sewage sludge on land; and animals need to be fed 100% organic feed and have access to pasture.
The youth is undoubtedly the most important, precious and indispensable asset of a nation provided their executions tally the commandments and the forbiddance corresponds to prohibitions, if not so then the same youth can create social havocs and chaos of unexpected order, thus more often it is dangerous in that if it gets exposed to obnoxious influences hitherto vague in every social institution.
Ultimately, solving the offshore problem must not be regarded a matter of forbiddance, but of good governance.