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Of course I've seen the fountain in the palace grounds, ever since I first came to Oz; and I've read the sign which says: 'All Persons are Forbidden to Drink at this Fountain.
Whoever drinks at the Forbidden Fountain at once forgets everything he has ever known," Ozma asserted.
You may all go to bed, and I advise you to forget your worries just as completely as if you had drunk of the Water of Oblivion in the Forbidden Fountain.
And thus, urged by Eve, Adam too ate of the forbidden fruit, and the man and woman were driven out of the Happy Garden, and the curse fell upon them because of their disobedience.
Darul Ifta has stated that as per Islamic law, earnings through interest and any transaction involving interest particularly investment is forbidden.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 2 June 2017: A fatwa was issued stating that all the programs that arouse fear and terror in its guests such as Ramez Galal program are religiously forbidden.
Critique: "Forbidden Night" is the second installment of the Forbidden trilogy by Joanne Lewis and reveals her as a master of the genre with a genuine flair as a novelist for originality, deftly created characters, and an inherently absorbing story from beginning to end.
And soccer and camel racing, often subject to betting, are not forbidden in Saudi Arabia.
Maybe it reflects the circle of friends and acquaintances I have-people who tend to be more liberal and averse to censorship and an excess of the forbidden.
This year the multi-award-winning waterpark offers a purpose-built prison, called the Forbidden Basement that is said to house creatures of the night.
That left me to reflect on the human tendency to do forbidden things.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued notices to secretary commerce, secretary cabinet division, interior secretary, secretary science and information in the case of import of forbidden food items despite ban and sought reply from them within two weeks.