forbidden by law

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The angles of a Square (and still more those of an equilateral Triangle), being much more pointed than those of a Pentagon, and the lines of inanimate objects (such as houses) being dimmer than the lines of Men and Women, it follows that there is no little danger lest the points of a square or triangular house residence might do serious injury to an inconsiderate or perhaps absent-minded traveller suddenly therefore, running against them: and as early as the eleventh century of our era, triangular houses were universally forbidden by Law, the only exceptions being fortifications, powder-magazines, barracks, and other state buildings, which it is not desirable that the general public should approach without circumspection.
While collective action by unions is legal in Oman, strikes in the oil and gas sector are forbidden by law, due to the significance of the sector to the national economy.
Marriage between us was forbidden by law and Friede begged me to leave Germany so that I could return to Yorkshire and make a life for myself there.
Moreover, it is forbidden by law to interrupt or assault any NCHR member, and the law guarantees them a certain degree of "legal immunity".
Five years earlier, Caesar's army had crossed the Rubicon River and marched into Rome, which was strictly forbidden by law.
It was understood that possession and sales of alcoholic beverages were absolutely forbidden by law.
Janner was not a witness in court, and was forbidden by law from commenting on proceedings until after the case.
The fines include covert advertisements on live TV shows, transmission in the family zone of unsuitable material, scenes of violence in films marked with the wrong age rating and a tele-competitions transmitted in a time zone forbidden by law.
However, sex between humans and animals in Denmark, although not common practice, is not forbidden by law either, Jorgensen said.
Rather, some experts suggest lowering the drinking age, and teaching teens and young adults to drink responsibly at a younger age, would help to reduce the allure of alcohol to those forbidden by law to possess it.
In Israel, it is forbidden by law to even commemorate the Nakba.