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You try, because nobody forbids you to try," he said.
You try, because nobody forbids you to try," said the self-proclaimed Special One.
The one who enjoins good and forbids evil should know that the month of Ramadhn is a great opportunity for inviting towards Allh The Almighty, because the hearts of Muslims -- even the disobedient among them -- are tender and ready to receive good admonishment.
However, California law forbids such waivers or exclusions.
The order forbids the youngster from: causing harassment, alarm or distress to anyone in England and Wales; damaging property not owned by him; setting fire to property or possessing any match, flint or lighter.
The IRS Code forbids tax-exempt, non-profit groups, including houses of worship, from intervening in political campaigns by endorsing candidates.
One addition for Anglicans forbids marriage if "they both live, or have previously lived, in the same household and one of them is, or has been, treated as a child or parent.
In October, the state informed him that it was rescinding the $2,700 scholarship he had won the previous spring, because Washington state law forbids the use of public money for students majoring in theology.
Dynamical tunneling, predicted only since the early 1 980s, is a similar phenomenon where some other constant of the motion other than energy forbids classically the quantum-mechanically allowed motion.
4 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, adopted by every state, currently forbids the practice by providing that a lawyer "shall not" share legal fees with a nonlawyer, form a partnership with a nonlawyer that in any way practices law, permit a nonlawyer to direct the lawyer's professional judgment, or form a firm in which a nonlawyer owns an interest.
A state court ruled that its organizers, the South Boston Allied Veterans Council, could not bar a gay/lesbian group from participating because Massachusetts law forbids even private discrimination based on sexual orientation.
The act, first passed in 1973, forbids anyone from taking an endangered or threatened species.