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And all of a sudden the horizon doesn't look quite such a forboding place.
He dwells in a forboding tower from where he dispatches terrible black steeds on dark clouds to spread fear among sleeping children.
Curiously forboding and fascinating at the same time.
On the dazed, forboding, Bowie-meets-Eno closer Neon Noon, Tom sounds like a stranger in strange land.
The schedule ahead only looks forboding, with a trip to Washington next week followed by a visit from USC and UCLA to open Matthew Knight Arena on Jan.
The news this week that the Government has hatched a plan to charge householders for the amount of rubbish they put out for the binmen filled me with forboding.
To be fair, the director does show touches of real genius as he sets the scene, with a real sense of gothic forboding and a sinister undercurrent that suck you in.
We now live with fear, and what once seemed like a beautiful homestead has taken on a dark forboding feel.
Researchers found that subjects learned more quickly with dramatic, forboding music than with calm, positive music (McFarland & Kennison, 1988).
The domestic household underwent a sanctification in the nineteenth century when the cult of family values became a stable refuge in a tumultuous, forboding world.