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He saw he had obtained an immense advantage for the future, and he forbore to press the matter any further at the moment.
I pressed it, and, satisfied with the discovery, forbore to upraise the sash.
The black recollected the hint about Santa Claus; and, while he briefly explained how they had taken up the person in question on the top of the mountain, he forbore to add anything concerning the accident or the wound, only saying that he believed the youth was a stranger.
The Indian drew his bow still further, but forbore to launch the shaft.
He knitted his brows, scratched, smoothed out, and scratched again in the dust mysterious signs - to the wonder of all save the lama, who, with fine instinct, forbore to interfere.
Cyrus, perceiving that his father gradually resumed the old direction, forbore to interfere; nor, though something began to weigh upon his heart, did his adventurous nature permit him to regret the increased length and the mystery of their way.
We forbore to light a fire or to make any unnecessary sound.
When, however, she was fairly out of doors, and constantly invited by pillar-boxes and post-offices to slip her envelope down their scarlet throats, she forbore.
Still holding Helen's hand he drew his arm round Rachel's shoulder, thus making them come uncomfortably close, but Helen forbore to look.
Seeing that he was interested in Scraps they forbore to say anything against her.
The deposit intrusted to Van Baerle, and carefully locked up by him, was nothing more nor less than John de Witt's correspondence with the Marquis de Louvois, the war minister of the King of France; only the godfather forbore giving to his godson the least intimation concerning the political importance of the secret, merely desiring him not to deliver the parcel to any one but to himself, or to whomsoever he should send to claim it in his name.