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A stronger and hypertrophied ligament may contract more after immobility and can cause articular translation which results in undue stress on the soft tissue, disturb the force couple of multiple prime movers, imbalance, early fatigue and loss of stabilising action of the designated stabilising muscle of the joints and may lead to injury eventually.
Manama: Two ministries in Kuwait have rejected a call to amend the pre-marital screening law, to force couples to undergo drug tests and present police certificates detailing whether each applicant has a criminal record.
Regardless, the Women's Federation article goes on to quote demographer Zhai Zhenwu, who states, "the provincial commission did not violate any regulations when they did not force couples to have abortions.
That is better than 2011 when 952 of the 5,828 couples who married got divorced, but a proposal to force couples to undergo pre-wedding marriage courses could help reduce the large number of frivolous divorce cases that make it to court.

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