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The department believed that it would benefit from having such a large number of officers trained because it could mobilize a field force from on-duty personnel with minimal overtime costs.
Air Force from orbit and from air-breathing systems can locate targets on a global scale, can locate activities or individuals on a global scale, and can hold those targets or those individuals or those activities at risk or strike them with the lethality of a weapon that detonates with a CEA of less than the length of a weapon, and that we can command and control this and we can assess the effect real time.
To answer that question, begin by deducting virtually the entire Navy and Air Force from the head count; the Iraq occupation has been almost exclusively a ground game, hence an Army and Marine operation.
In 2001, MoD again began focusing on the creation of a Navy, because in the mid-1990s MoD Navy Commander, Rear Admiral Komratov, now Commander of the Western Military District that encompasses the Caspian Region, established a small maritime force from old Soviet vessels, and some excess boats provided by Germany and by the U.