force of argument

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Scarce any article, indeed, in the whole Constitution seems to be rendered more worthy of attention, by the weight of character and the apparent force of argument with which it has been assailed.
He spoke this in so much more moving terms than it is possible for me to express, and with so much greater force of argument than I can repeat, that I only recommend it to those who read the story, to suppose, that as he held me above an hour and a half in that discourse, so he answered all my objections, and fortified his discourse with all the arguments that human wit and art could devise.
That follows not by force of argument, which you, being
But there are also those who achieve their influence through force of argument or being role models that people want to follow.
He described Mr Sargeant as a "true force of nature" and said he drove through more legislation than any other Minister, "not just through force of argument, but through force of personality".
Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, tweeted that the European Union regarded Spain as its"only interlocutor," but added:"I hope the Spanish government favours force of argument, not argument of force.
Tusk urged Madrid to exercise restraint, tweeting: "I hope the Spanish government favors force of argument, not argument of force.
As I said, my optimism is grounded in the force of argument from Adam Smith to Julian Simon about the creative forces of the human imagination.
I conclude that we should not expect proposals for institutional reform such as those propounded by Judge Buckley and Jay Cost to succeed on their own, by sheer force of argument.
Although such gestures were poetic and honorable, they cast the stakes of the biennial in distinctly personal terms, reducing its urgency and its force of argument.
The west, he said, did not have the force of argument in support of its system whereas Islam was based on sound reasoning and also provided solution to all human problems.
Public service union members would be well advised to vote "Yes" in their ongoing ballot for a Day of Action on November 30 over pensions, because the Tories only respond to the argument of force, not the force of argument.