force of argument

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He spoke this in so much more moving terms than it is possible for me to express, and with so much greater force of argument than I can repeat, that I only recommend it to those who read the story, to suppose, that as he held me above an hour and a half in that discourse, so he answered all my objections, and fortified his discourse with all the arguments that human wit and art could devise.
That follows not by force of argument, which you, being
It was a force of argument that even the Tories, in the shape of modernising backbencher John Bercow, wholeheartedly agreed with.
He fantasizes that civil rights legislation emerged from "sheer moral force of argument," when in fact it was made possible by enormous personal risk-taking and sacrifice of people who literally walked the walk.
In world affairs today, the rule should not be the argument of force but the force of argument.
Lust for Liberty is more descriptive than it is analytical; it convinces through the number and quality of examples cited, rather than through force of argument.
Relevant are the words of the first Labour MP, Keir Hardie, who said that governments respond not to force of argument but to pressure.
Relevant are the words of the first Labour MP, Keir Hardie, who said that governments respond, not to force of argument, but to pleasure.
Member of the National Steel Trade Union Co-ordinating Committee and general secretary of Community, Michael J Leahy, said: "We always believe in the force of argument rather than the argument of force but Corus hasn''t listened so we are reluctantly taking this action.
If Ireland is to be united - and I believe it will be - it will be through the force of argument, not the argument of force.
Although such gestures were poetic and honorable, they cast the stakes of the biennial in distinctly personal terms, reducing its urgency and its force of argument.