force of expression

See: emphasis
References in classic literature ?
That gesture had an unequalled force of expression, so far-reaching in its human distress that one could not believe that it pointed out merely the ruthless working of political institutions.
They were granted the awards in recognition of the depth and authenticity of their experience, their force of expression and their contribution to contemporary Arab culture," he said.
In art, however, they remain exceptional for the simple reason that sculpture's effect has generally been understood to hinge on arrested potential; thus, a work's force of expression is perhaps best measured against the pressure of its withholding.
May the whole world not be equal to the single day you fell in love, to the day Rowan was born, to today, don't trade the memories away; may you be tiptoed among by the deer, heaven-kissed as the fog unquilts, drenched, shadowsliding, the interim is yours so duplicate the laugh--easy fall of childhood, because it's not just good but good, man, so you guys, you who lovers be, force of expression and the empress of humility--the interim is yours.
He further cited that Emygdio de Barros's painting titled Municipal is a painting "that for its force of expression, its creative breath, its exquisite atmosphere, and imaginative force, stands perhaps unequaled in Brazilian painting.
Often the world resonates with sympathy for the protagonists, as if the women in question tap a deeper, natural force of expression and action.
The human rights movement compensated for its frailties by discovering the force of expression, communication, and symbol: "Truth and values can create their own kind of power" (p.
Most of the program had a convincing force of expression, staged with inspiration and expertise and performed by a company with outstanding technical ability, vigor, and versatility.