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The force platform data were down-sampled to 100 Hz and filtered using an eighth-order Butterworth low-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 20 Hz.
Following the protocol of Williams and Walmsley (2000), after a prior 15-min warm-up the fencers received instructions to remain motionless in their habitual en garde position, placing their feet on the two force platforms, A and B.
Figure 1 depicts exemplar EMG and force platform recordings from the quiet stance assessment.
Foot placement on the NeuroCom Balance Master[R] force platform was standardized with the medial malleoli aligned with the dark blue line, the heel at the "M" line as marked on the force platform, and with crutch tips set inside the corners of the blue box on the force platform.
The scientists used a force platform - a device similar to a weighing machine - to measure the impact of each fall made by the 12 volunteers, all of whom were experienced in martial arts.
Using a force platform, the researchers were able to measure the force of each fall and compare this to known information about the amount of impact a patient with osteoporosis can withstand.
Both subjects were asked to walk normally with their own shoes at a self selected speed on a flat surface and pass one leg at a time over a Kistler[R] force platform that was placed in the middle of the 8m walkway.
For the Landing Test, we used a force platform to measure three dimensional ground reaction force variability after landing on one leg, principally in the mediolateral direction (Goldie et al 1989).
The SOT measures the extent of a patient's sway while he or she is standing on a force platform during six conditions (see "Components of the SOT").
Built on the new Terra Force platform, the integrated system has five components: insole plate, midsole, internal and external shanks, and slip-resistant Bobcat TF out-soles.
The Terra Force platform and Boulder TF lugged outsole provide stability and traction.