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Appendix GRF calculation Four load cells were set up under a square force platform (30cmx30cm).
This value was calculated from the vertical force collected by the force platform, using the time in the air (t) and the following formula: height=[gt.
Force platform measurements (Kistler 9286BA; Winterthur, Switzerland) were used for evaluating the quantification of fluctuations in the COP.
In addition, Elliot (23) emphasized that external forces measured on the force platform may produce different internal forces (responsible for overuse injury) consequent to anatomic and technique variations.
For example, Quagliarella and co-workers tried to compare flight time data obtained by a MEMs-based system (two bi-axial accelerometers fixed at each subject's ankle) with flight time from a force platform, showing a high correlation between both devices (Quagliarella et al.
We then asked participants to stand on the force platform with their gaze fixed at a spot 3 m in the distance.
By using a force platform with high frequency motion capture facilities it has been revealed that dancers' jumping strategies are more related to individual characteristics than to training background.
The step up/over test was performed on a 30-cm (12-inch) height wooden step placed in the middle of the long force platform of PRO Balance Master[R] (NeuroCom[R] International, Inc.
Lehmann and colleagues were the first to use force platforms to document abnormal center-of-pressure parameters (i.
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Five golf shots with the golfer's own driver were played off a rubber backed 'Astroturf' tee mat, when wearing each shoe type and standing with each foot on a grass covered force platform.