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Carnapping shall be punished by imprisonment of not less than 20 years and not more than 30 years, regardless of the motor vehicle taken, when the carnapping is committed without violence against or intimidation of persons, or force upon things.
The decree was signed on 10 February and enters into the force upon its signature.
The legal acts, which include details about those targeted by the measures, will enter into force upon publication in the EU Official Journal on Saturday.
It will enter into force upon signature and remain valid until the end of 2017, the draft agreement states.
The change will come into force upon closing of the asset divestment.
Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt has assumed command of the Air Force upon the completion of tenure of Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman.
Summary: BEIRUT: The Tourism Ministry reminded restaurants and night clubs Friday not to serve minors alcoholic beverages and not to force upon the customer any service which he or she did not order.