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Power, violence, compulsion, or constraint exerted upon or against a person or thing. Power dynamically considered, that is, in motion or in action; constraining power, compulsion; strength directed to an end. Commonly the word occurs in such connections as to show that unlawful or wrongful action is meant, e.g., forcible entry.

Power statically considered, that is, at rest, or latent, but capable of being called into activity upon occasion for its exercise. Efficacy; legal validity. This is the meaning when we say that a statute or a contract is in force.

Reasonable force is that degree of force that is appropriate and not inordinate in defending one's person or property. A person who employs such force is justified in doing so and is neither criminally liable nor civilly liable in tort for the conduct.

Deadly Force is utilized when a person intends to cause death or serious bodily harm or when he or she recognizes personal involvement in the creation of a substantial risk that death or bodily harm will occur.

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That way air doesn't get forced down the stack and into the turbocharger.
After retching at the fish-eye, Katie forced down a helping of kangaroo bottom, prompting her to squeal: "It's like partiallycooked mince." But when confronted by the kangaroo's privates, after cutting it up, she refused to scoff the "delicacy", saying: "I'm not going to be known for eating a testicle."
"We would never consider shooting our best stags but they are often forced down to the roadside in harsh weather and become easy victims."
The Iranian military has forced down a third foreign aircraft this month, this time a Belarussian military jet carrying an official delegation to Qatar.
It is, of course, a proper language but has not been forced down other people's throats as other more modern languages.
POLICE say they have forced down crime figures for 14 consecutive months at the Metro Centre.
One elderly man stripped to the waist and started dancing on the ice, but was soon forced down by a barrage of snowballs.
In the hopper assembly, there is a ram (Banbury terminology) or plunger (Intermix terminology) that can be raised or lowered, allowing raw materials to be added into the mixer and then forced down into the mixing chamber.
He says consumers forced down the price on virgin HDPE, and that decline is affecting post-industrial markets.
Philip Morris, of Formby, had a gun forced down his throat in a terrifying ordeal which began after he was abducted on Friday morning.
"Acceptance is nothing that can be forced down the corporation," says 24-year-old Carlito Reyes, who works in sales for General Mills.
As the ball is forced down the sideline, the off-the-ball "wing" (WW2 in this case) diagonally drops to the middle of the press offense to prevent any penetrating passes to that area.