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HEIR, FORCED. Forced heirs are those who cannot be disinherited. This term is used among the civilians. Vide Forced heirs

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Because this book's story of these forced marches is almost totally based on surviving diaries and talks with veterans the account we have can also sometimes appear confusing.
These prisoners faced severe conditions, including random killings, forced marches, months of solitary confinement, near-starvation and a variety of tortures and interrogations.
They had to endure forced marches, shooting and take part in various other tests during the Exercise Devil's Leap at Catterick Garrison in December 1983 ?
Using a direct and colloquial prose, he recounts camp life and its organization, personalities, clandestine operations, and forced marches.
He then had a day of "light duties" being excused anything strenuous such as forced marches, PT, and square bashing.