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14 (Petra) -- The Israeli government is expected to begin forcefully moving Bedouin in the West Bank to a permanent location as part of a plan to remove all the Bedouin in Area C and expand a number of settlements, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
He further said that "business closure leads to the great loss of economy so PTI should not forcefully close the markets".
As the government decided to forcefully disperse the protesters on April 10 and May 19, some 91 people were killed and nearly 2, 000 injured in clashes between security forces and demonstrators.
On Tuesday morning, as many as 40 farmers forcefully lifted the boom barrier at DND toll plaza.
The employees of the bank have already challenge their forcefully sacking in the courts, sources told.
CDATA[ Minister for Strategic Affairs says Israel must show terror groups that it can respond forcefully to any attempt to use terror against it.
lt;p>ISM said that approximately 20 soldiers forcefully entered the village on foot from the direction of the Apartheid Wall and broke into the house of Rani Najar, without issuing any prior warning.
North council chiefs are preparing to forcefully reject Government plans to slash rural post offices, following a new survey.
A source close to the Cabinet discussions said: "Peter Hain argued forcefully that MPs should get a proper chance to look at this and not be bounced into a decision which was clearly on the cards.
Instead of examining reconstruction and peacekeeping from the view of political elites or in terms of the demobilization of armed groups, Peace Operations Seen From Below forcefully puts for the claim that the essence of rebuilding lies in the societies that emerge from the war, and the daily "ordinary" lives of both civilian populations and the staff of UN missions.
Generals In The Cabinet Room: How The Military Shapes Israeli Policy by Yoram Peri (Professor of Political Sociology And Communication at Tel Aviv University) forcefully and persuasively argues the premise that while once Israel's military was the servant of its civilian political leadership, today it is the Israeli generals who have the lead in foreign and defense policymaking.
An angry golfer bouncing his ball forcefully on the cement driveway (would the sound change or only the height of the bounce?