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Power, violence, compulsion, or constraint exerted upon or against a person or thing. Power dynamically considered, that is, in motion or in action; constraining power, compulsion; strength directed to an end. Commonly the word occurs in such connections as to show that unlawful or wrongful action is meant, e.g., forcible entry.

Power statically considered, that is, at rest, or latent, but capable of being called into activity upon occasion for its exercise. Efficacy; legal validity. This is the meaning when we say that a statute or a contract is in force.

Reasonable force is that degree of force that is appropriate and not inordinate in defending one's person or property. A person who employs such force is justified in doing so and is neither criminally liable nor civilly liable in tort for the conduct.

Deadly Force is utilized when a person intends to cause death or serious bodily harm or when he or she recognizes personal involvement in the creation of a substantial risk that death or bodily harm will occur.

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According to the family of the teenage girls, the sisters were abducted from Daharki in Ghotki district of Sindh, and forcefully converted to Islam before they were subjected to underage marriages.
This OIC meeting was a golden opportunity to present Kashmir's case forcefully and press the OIC member states to demand implementation of UN Resolutions on Kashmir.
16, 2019, shoving the rap impresario's likeness so forcefully it lost its head.
Some indentified persons stopped the vehicle and forcefully kidnapped Abdul Jabbar.
They asked the court to restrain the Sindh government from forcefully removing them from the residences.
Regarding their new approach, she said: "We cannot forcefully evict the traders to pave way for the projects.
The co-worker claimed she had heard and seen Ms Revell slapping the client on the arms and hands in the bathroom of his flat, forcefully pulling his arms from behind his back, and shouting at him - all of which had made him cry.
Kimorori Wempa Ward Representative Amos Murigi and Jacinta Ng'ang'a (Township) were accused of creating disturbance in the office of Assembly Clerk Chris Kinyanjui on November 17 last year with an aim of forcefully ejecting him out of office.
Former President of the Movement BESA Bilal Kasami who was dismissed by the leadership of the party, on Monday, with a group of armed people, forcefully entered the central party headquarters in Skopje.
GILGIT:An FIR (First Information Report) has been registered against 50 persons including central leaders of Peoples Action Committee (PAC) and traders for allegedly closing shops forcefully and using provocative speeches against the district administration and national institutions.
In a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House, Trump said the slaughter of innocent civilians should be forcefully rejected by any nation, and he called on NATO members to work together to resolve the disaster currently taking place in Syria." "We are grateful for the support of NATO members and partners in their condemnation of Assad's murderous attack, using the most horrible weapons.
Summary: Police in east Lebanon were able to resolve a family dispute in a matter of hours Tuesday after a man forcefully imprisoned and threatened to kill his 5-year-old daughter, local media reported.