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It is a pretty serious matter, certainly, to Newhall Land's real estate developments, including Newhall Ranch, to gain access to this water, hence the skill and effort in forming the committee and the forcefulness with which the matter has been pursued.
During many of the consultations I observed, clients appeared to be surprised by the forcefulness of the sales pitch.
Douglass's oratory was like the awful rush of ocean waters, to use one of his famous metaphors, but the forcefulness with which he expressed his opinions did not guarantee that he always got things right.
Based on the anecdotal reports and the scant research literature, it was predicted that adolescent steroid users would score significantly higher on the following measures: (1) confidence, (2) forcefulness, (3) body image, (4) self-esteem, (5) short-term mood disturbance.
It would have been built in time even without Rickover, but there is no question that his forcefulness, his emphasis on technical innovation and detail, made it happen sooner.
Ban's statement after yesterday's meeting was quite impressive in its forcefulness.
All of them were very lively and they gave us a bit more drive and forcefulness.
All are encased in glass and secured by heavy, oak-colored wooden frames that clasp the prints with disorienting forcefulness.
They held what Adler described as an "exaggeratedly positive opinion of their worth and abilities, unrealistically high expectations in goals and achievements, vanity and a tendency to discredit others' opinions, forcefulness aimed at dominating those considered weaker or less important".
Rankin said: "The forcefulness of the message and the way it didn't flinch from the hideous truth appealed to me.
There were plus points for the Lions - Earls' running, James Hook's creative flashes, the power of Andrew Sheridan, a solid scrum, the forcefulness of Ferris and Paul O'Connell.