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Underlying Cooper's notion of a "double standard" is the belief that force is somehow backwards, a lower stage on man's evolutionary ascent to a forceless world where conscience rules.
Indeed, if we consider contrasts between forceful and forceless WAMs different from the one we have just contemplated and attempt to discern various features WAMs should possess in order to be accorded any mitigating force, and we then apply these results to the case at hand (as I've done elsewhere, (18) and as we'll briefly see in section 3.2), we find that the warranted assertability objection against contextualism fails miserably to meet all manner of other reasonable criteria we can discern for what it would take for a WAM to be successful.
The secret of true adequation is that the mental force becomes forceless in the decisive point, like a balance pointer at zero, by listening to both sides at once, percept and concept.
The day after the Countryside March the then Agriculture Secretary Mr Jack Cunningham, now the forceless Government enforcer, said Labour would be "failing in its duty" if it did not listen to the marchers' concerns.