forcible seizure

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The apex court held that the violations of The Punch's as well as my own rights 'cannot be justified on any of the grounds that the invasion was done in the interest of security, public safety, public order or public morality.' It added that 'the invasion, search without warrant, forcible seizure and occupation of the 1st applicant's (i.e.
There will not be any forcible seizure of land, co-author of the detailed plan of Bishkek Djanuzak Kulbatyrov said at the final discussion of the plan today.
itself to be part of India before 1947, and feels even less so after its forcible seizure by the Indian troops.
Such an undemocratic, forcible seizure of power through violence where psychotically hypnotic civilians jump in front of bullets, body block the gravitational descent of truncheons, dunk under the gust of water cannons is an act of impunity.There are those who worry about Mr Odinga's new address after he takes his oath.
Taiz, Yemen, Muharram 20, 1439, October 10, 2017, SPA -- The Yemeni Minister of Local Administration Abdul Raqib Fatah, who is also Head of the Higher Committee for Relief, strongly condemned the forcible seizure by Houthi militias as they were on their way from Al-Hudeidah port to Taiz governorate in Yemen.
The forcible seizure and destruction of properties.
Turkey criticized the forcible seizure of Crimea from Ukraine and its subsequent annexation but expressed that it had no intention of joining the Western sanctions imposed on Russia in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.
Stila possess the property of being non-forcible forcible seizure and occupation of illegitimacy is what makes Responsibility nonmstvfat interest in possession trust property seized pursuant liability or non-liability to be based on mutual interests and compromise them [12].
Ukrainian Side sees these actions as an act of annexation by Russia, which means forcible seizure of the territory of Ukraine.
"How one can talk about forcible seizure of power and go unpunished in Kyrgyzstan," President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambaev interrogated during his address to the Court Reform Council on March 4.
In a statement, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the forcible seizure of power in Mali.
| UNITED NATIONS, April 5 (KUNA) -- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the Security Council's strong condemnation yesterday of the forcible seizure of power in Mali and its renewed call for the immediate restoration of constitutional rule in the country, his press office said in a statement.