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"The generic pharmaceutical industry will continue to work with the FDA and other stakeholders to make sure that any changes to labeling rules and regulations protect patient safety, align with federal laws and do not hinder patient access to more af fordable generic medicines," he said.
When crossing the Potomac into Maryland, I had calculated upon the river remaining fordable during the summer, so as to enable me to recross at my pleasure, but a series of storms commencing the day after our entrance into Maryland has placed the river beyond fording stage and the present storms will keep it so for at least a week.
However, a recent plunge in xchange rates means dream z holidays may possibly ecome that little bit more fordable.
Since veterinary care is not generally af fordable to low income populations, certain preventable pet diseases may be related to low socioeconomic status due to lack of vaccination.
More and more parents say there is a lack of fordable nurseries with qualified staff.
There are no hide-canoes, so one has to search for some fordable place.
Many cell phone companies offer free and very af fordable phones for consumers who sign-up with their airtime service for a contractual period.
The border in Mqaible is marked by the Kabir river, a narrow and easily fordable waterway.
(31-33) These programs ensure a dancer's privacy, while also providing her with timely and af fordable access to qualified health care practitioners, function-specific tests and measures, and progression protocols that consider all aspects of her occupational demands.
Had Santa Anna commenced a pursuit of Houston in late February or early March, his troops would have enjoyed generally dry weather and firm roads by which to reach easily fordable river crossings.
Buoyed by the steady growth in population thus driving the demand for af- fordable housing, the building and construc- tion sector in Saudi Arabia is touting to record unprecedented growth in the coming years.
For, while it is hardly in the bargain basement, the CLC is one of the most af-f fordable Mercs ever and is firmly aimed at attracting more people to the company - unashamedly targeting, as it does, those who have never owned one before.