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master Ford, your friend here is in need of a cup of wine, for he hath drunk deeply of Garonne water.
Faith," said Ford, "this air of Bordeaux hath turned our turtle-dove into a game-cock.
Nor could she help contrasting the conversation of the sharp-witted man at her side with what she still remembered of the vague, touching, boyish enthusiasm of the millionaires of Devil's Ford.
I know nothing of business, but I know there has been trouble about the mine at Devil's Ford.
It is this same naivete that thinks it's a good idea to promote safety image leader Volvo in commercials about Ford innovation (which angers Ford engineers and confuses the public), or that welcomes new members of the founding family into the fold while the true depth of talent in the company grows thin, and loyal employees are shown the door.
In 1929, after years of preparation, Ford opened to the public a large tourist park and museum built on 252 acres in Dearborn," writes Steven Watts in his admirable new biography.
Sallie Rochester Ford (1828-1910) figured in this regard as a courageous, and even controversial, leader in the late-nineteenth-century drive to create a woman's missions organization.
More cars and trucks manufactured by Ford Motor Co.
The Lovetts were invited to Dearborn to help organize a series of dances for the Fords.
With Ford 2000, a global restructuring that aims to give the No.
Allyn Ford has served as president and chief executive officer of Roseburg Forest Products since 1967, when he took over leadership of the company from his father, Kenneth Ford.