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So it was that he spied Tarzan as the boy emerged from the clawing, pushing throng with that hairy forearm hugged firmly to his body.
"It was to be the length of a man's forearm," corrected Momaya, "but you shall have nothing, old thief.
He lay at full length, upon his stomach, his feet resting upon the toes, his head upon the left forearm. His extended right hand loosely grasped his rifle.
We were regularly christened, but afterward, in the very act of tattooing us with small distinguishing marks, the operator lost his reckoning; and although I bear upon my forearm a small "H" and he bore a "J," it is by no means certain that the letters ought not to have been transposed.
His hand crept along her bare forearm and up and partly under the elbow-sleeve.
Most had their shoulders hunched clumsily, and their short forearms hung weakly at their sides.
"Forewarned is forearmed. Tell me if you will--it is for your own protection.
He crouched a bit more, drew his body more compactly together, and covered up with his hands, elbows, and forearms. Blows rained upon him, and it looked to her as though he were being beaten to death.
Bounderby, 'if she takes it in the fainting way, I'll have the skin off her nose, at all events!' But, in spite of being thus forearmed, he entered his own house with anything but a courageous air; and appeared before the object of his misgivings, like a dog who was conscious of coming direct from the pantry.
Annie DD, a software engineer with emerald green hair, had the idea to implant the RFID chip of her Tesla key card into her right forearm. Why?
Summary: London [UK], July 5 (ANI): Australian batsman Shaun Marsh has been ruled out of the ongoing 2019 Cricket World Cup after suffering a fracture to his forearm during the net session on Thursday.
Since the first report of radial forearm free flap which was reported in 1982 by Song et al1 it has been a mainstay of reconstructive surgery.