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History can help you identify these trends and factor them into your forecasts.
Special Industry Machinery--Production of special industry machinery is forecast to drop again slightly in '00 based on expected drops in shipments of printing and paper machinery in the U.
Piggybacking on that success, researchers are now looking beyond simple El Nino predictions to forecasts of how these disturbances in the Pacific will actually disrupt weather in the United States and other parts of the globe.
The first step toward more insightful -- and more accurate -- business forecasts is a frank acknowledgment that the future is neither fully predictable nor an entirely blank slate.
com includes more than 150,000 pages of breaking news, sports statistics, financial news and tools, technology reviews, worldwide weather forecasts, lifestyle and entertainment coverage, and interactive and multimedia features.
Aluminum casting use in motor vehicles is forecast to reach an average of 180 lb/vehicle with die castings comprising 57% of that figure.
In one instance, agreement among the various models enabled the NMC to issue an accurate forecast for snowfall in Washington, D.
Pipe - The forecast of 1,800,000 tons is down only slightly from 1994.
CHAPTER 5 TOTAL STRUCTURED CABLING SYSTEMS MARKET Total Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) Market Forecast UTP Cabling vs.
If the sales forecast is so critical, then why are so many just slapped together?
Analysis is provided for each geographic region on the economic and technology status in the region, along with an analysis of the SCS forecast data for each region, plus a separate inter-regional SCS analysis.
com/reports/c50957) has announced the addition of China Steel Capacity Forecast 2005-2010 to their offering.