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Special Industry Machinery--The forecasted loss of casting demand in plastic and printing machinery in '96 is expected to decrease ductile iron consumption in this market sector by 5% in '96 to 88,000 tons.
Based on this estimate, 946,000 tons of cast aluminum is forecasted for use in motor vehicles in 1995, up 4% over 1994 shipments.
Top 10 Fast Growth HLS Industry Sectors - Revenues of 10 HLS industry sectors are forecasted to grow by 60% to 400% during 2007-2011.
In total, lower product margins are forecasted to reduce third quarter earnings by approximately five cents per diluted share.
Currently, Actuals continue to increase above and in parallel to the forecasted demand.
It was identified by industry watchers as having accurately forecasted the Q3-00 peak of IC sales.
The forecasted earnings per share for 2003 do not take into account the possible extraordinary income of up to approximately $2.
It covers the Semiconductor and Semiconductor Equipment fields, organized by source, date of publication, the forecasted value for each period, and actual market data.