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Previously, the forecasters thought GDP inflation would average 3.
For example, forecasters may correctly predict the direction of change in a series, but get the magnitude wrong (under or overpredicting investment growth, for example).
Forecasters predict consumer price index (CPI) inflation at an annual rate of 2 percent in the first quarter and 2.
But forecasters said each subsequent storm will be stronger than the last.
PA weather forecaster Paul Knightley said: ``We'll get little showers of snow because of the cold winds coming across the Irish Sea.
According to the forecasters, near-term inflation represents less of a threat than it did in the last survey.
ONCOR regularly asks its local forecasters to handicap their respective outlooks for maintaining "healthy, growing, reasonably balanced office markets.
The Avnet Connection, a joint offering between Avnet Electronics Marketing and Technology Forecasters Inc.
However, Met Office forecasters do predict a number of sunny and warm spells in August.
With very little change in the outlook for growth over the next two years, the forecasters see little reason to revise their outlook for unemployment," noted the survey.
Strong winds and summerlike temperatures put firefighters in the San Fernando Valley on alert Tuesday, while weather forecasters predicted gusts would diminish by Thursday.
The outlook for economic growth over the next two years looks less rosy than it did just three months ago, according to 33 forecasters surveyed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.