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Banks had to pay a penalty of USD110bn after the financial crisis for improperly handling mortgage agreements and prematurely or wrongly foreclosing homes around the country.
Foreclosing on the complex would allow CW Capital and the bondholders of the senior mortgage, which itself has been diced up into various positions of seniority, to capture what value remains for themselves.
The Lenders are foreclosing for lack of payment on a 1st Deed of Trust and also on a 2nd Deed of Trust.
The Act forbids foreclosing on active-duty military members and caps interest rates on their loans.
In general, credit unions appear to be foreclosing on a smaller percentage of their mortgage loans than other financial institutions and are usually taking longer to do it, according to credit union executives and NCUA data.
Foreclosing on a co-operative apartment is accomplished in a fundamentally different manner than the traditional methods employed in foreclosing real property.
Because there had been no claim under its policy and the payment of the Series A Notes was voluntary, MBIA accounted for the cost of foreclosing on and purchasing the ETCs as an investment rather than as a paid loss for both statutory and GAAP purposes.