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One mistaken word in the lengthy title of Citibank as trustee cannot be compared to cases where the foreclosing bank's name was entirely omitted.
(The remaining states, except for New York, require a foreclosing party to show that it was in possession of the note at the time it was lost.
The banks are being investigated for foreclosing on homes without having properly reviewed their paperwork.
Foreclosing on the complex would allow CW Capital and the bondholders of the senior mortgage, which itself has been diced up into various positions of seniority, to capture what value remains for themselves.
The court noted that the inmates failed to show that protracted periods of inclement weather, foreclosing outdoor activity, occurred with any frequency.
The teaching function may be largely a matter of foreclosing the acquisition of inaccurate and dysfunctional beliefs.
A decision of the Larnaca district court banning banks from foreclosing collateralised properties for which courts gave the green light before the new foreclosure law came in effect last year, is upsetting the banks' plans to tackle non-performing loans.
Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) is to send cheques to 23,000 people it forgot to pay after wrongfully foreclosing on their homes.
As for the banks, they don't tell me if they're foreclosing on a property," Mr.
"FNF believes that these policies will not result in additional claims exposure to FNF because the new owners and their lenders would have the rights of good-faith purchasers which should not be affected by potential defects in documentation," the title insurance firm said, adding, "even if a court sets aside a foreclosure due to a defect in documentation, the foreclosing lender would be required to return to our insureds all funds obtained from them, resulting in no loss under the title insurance policy.