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For ages, from our forefather Adam to our own day, we labor to attain that knowledge and are still infinitely far from our aim; but in our lack of understanding we see only our weakness and His greatness.
The barbarian chieftain, who defended his country against the Roman invasion, driven to the remotest extremity of Britain, and stimulating his followers to battle by all that has power of persuasion upon the human heart, concluded his persuasion by an appeal to these irresistible feelings: "Think of your forefathers and of your posterity.
Grotius himself had been a most distinguished actor and sufferer in those important scenes of internal convulsion, and his work was first published very shortly after the departure of our forefathers from Leyden.
Let us cherish that spirit of harmony which prompted our forefathers to make the attempt, under circumstances more favorable to its success than, perhaps, ever occurred upon earth.
Preserve in all their purity, refine, if possible, from all their alloy, those virtues which we this day commemorate as the ornament of our forefathers.
The first stories which our forefathers told in the days long, long ago, and which were never written down, are lost forever.
You, sir, have written with an able pen the deeds of our forefathers.
We will strive against the oppressor with prayer and fasting, as our forefathers would have done.
The collection includes the baptism certificate of nation's forefather Juan Pablo Duarte (1813), and the chalice used when Father Billini said mass in 1861, and Monsignor Nouel's chair.
Abu Zaid Hunain bin Ishaq Al-Ibadi (810-873 AD) is the fifth forefather to be featured in the Arab Pioneers Health and Science Gallery.
Looking over the shoulder of the comics geek in the back of science class scrawling vivid depictions in his notebook of post-nuclear Uber- and under-mensch, one might easily imagine his spiritual forefather in the medieval novice, doodling demons on the margins of his biblical transcription.
But DNA analysis suggests that the newly discovered bacterium is a cousin, not a forefather, of modern green-sulfur bacteria that live in sunlit, low-oxygen marine environments.