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While the determined but slow improvement of relations in the 1990s could not forefend the May 1998 Indian nuclear tests (Pokhran II), which once again brought Sino-Indian bilateral relations to a new low, it may have played a part in ensuring that the fallout of this with regards to Sino-Indian ties was less dire than it could have been, although there was indeed enough good reason for fresh hostility.
Heaven forefend that any judge should thus adjudicate." (Responsa of the Rosh, Kelal 43:8)
Heaven forefend that this should be understood as the meaning of Rashi's words.
Furthermore, everyone who tries the Atkins Diet achieves success with it." I was sorely tempted to ask the good doctor whether the fact that he was obviously overweight and out-of-shape meant simply that he had never tried The Atkins Diet himself, or that, heaven forefend, he was simply the one failure.
Heaven forefend the PS should select a candidate who might stand a fighting chance of beating Sarkozy!
So do we really need to turn our back on the traditional icons of shawls, miners' lamps and - heaven forefend - even ddraig goch?
Heaven forefend that the stunt issue should be raised and we are sparking with seconds.
There are good one-liners but the script is never sustained enough to develop into a comedic pattern that could shift this up a gear into the realms of Four Weddings, or even, heaven forefend, Notting Hill, Grant's two other vehicles for lugubrious but ever so silly swains.