foregone conclusion

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Together with Michael's brother Steve and their friend Stuart Wilkinson, they became Foregone Conclusion, who played several gigs together.
We would like everybody fit and healthy, but if we had that it is a foregone conclusion people do get injured in tournaments.
By 1am on Wednesday he was a 1-10 chance, yet all the while we were being told the result was far from a foregone conclusion.
Senate (this was last September), seemingly a foregone conclusion that the Senator unexpectedly forewent.
The former funeral director was delighted to land the plum tie - and insists it is not a foregone conclusion.
But with the final race awarding double points Cooke does not believe World Cup victory is a foregone conclusion.
I'm second-favourite at the moment but nothing's a foregone conclusion and while I'm still in there, I'll give it a go.
With Al Gore's new "documentary" on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, heating up the local theaters and charging up the bandwagon for the Kyoto (global warming) treaty, it was a foregone conclusion that climate change would be a significant topic on the DDP conference program.
The Windsor Park veteran fears fans might jump the gun expecting this week's UEFA Cup tie against Swedish side Halmstads to be a foregone conclusion.
At the time of this writing, June 7, the media are telling us that the special legislative committee will produce its foregone conclusion approving the abolition of the traditional definition of marriage between husband and wife in favour of (any) two persons, by June 14-16.
Though Beautiful Inez is solidly crafted and moving, its emotional effects are blunted by what feels like a foregone conclusion.