foregone conclusion

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And while like everyone else Peacock accepts that Chelsea are red-hot favourites he believes that tonight's FA Cup quarter-final is not a foregone conclusion.
Prior to the Rose Bowl, it appeared a foregone conclusion that Reggie Bush would be the first player picked.
The Windsor Park veteran fears fans might jump the gun expecting this week's UEFA Cup tie against Swedish side Halmstads to be a foregone conclusion.
At the time of this writing, June 7, the media are telling us that the special legislative committee will produce its foregone conclusion approving the abolition of the traditional definition of marriage between husband and wife in favour of (any) two persons, by June 14-16.
Though Beautiful Inez is solidly crafted and moving, its emotional effects are blunted by what feels like a foregone conclusion.
Due to the 6-4 conservative majority on the Board, it is a foregone conclusion that the science curriculum in the state of Kansas will be altered to diminish evolution and introduce intelligent design.
The decision was a 'preordained, foregone conclusion taken regardless of expert reports as a matter of Government policy', said Neil King QC, for the animal rights coalition at a hearing earlier this week.
However, Anwar, who wore and back braces due to a spinal injury, said he believed the decision is a foregone conclusion.
As soon as he announced, it was a foregone conclusion.
The perception is that it is a foregone conclusion (that synod will approve same-sex blessings) and he is giving the victory speech.
During the war years (more or less freed from any balletic opposition) the Vic-Wells Ballet, now called the Sadler's Wells Ballet, achieved virtually the status of a national ballet, and it was almost a foregone conclusion that when Covent Garden was reopened after the war, the Sadler's Wells Ballet would move in as its constituent ballet company.
Robson said: "The title isn't a foregone conclusion for Arsenal - and the places below are up for grabs.