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That which belongs to, or operates in accordance with, another nation, territory, state, or jurisdiction, as in the case of nonresident trustees, corporations, or persons.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

LAW, FOREIGN. By foreign laws are understood the laws of a foreign country. The states of the American Union are for some purposes foreign to each other, and the laws of each are foreign in the others. See Foreign laws.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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[7] observed findings suggesting minimal foreign body reaction in cases of dural defect in which they used LHD grafts, while Crawford et al.
Eaton, "Natural responses to unnatural materials: a molecular mechanism for foreign body reactions," Molecular Medicine, vol.
Foreign body reaction is the basis for an inflammatory reaction with cell proliferation, which would otherwise facilitate incorporation of the implant into the tissue.
(1) Although some successful results were obtained with cyanoacrylate, (5) long-term follow-up showed inflammatory foreign body reaction, neovascularization, corneal toxicity, and increase in bacterial growth.
Immunofluorescence Analyses of Inflammatory Cell Recruitment and Macrophages in the Foreign Body Reaction. To determine the cell types in the biomaterial implantation site, CD11b+ and CD68+ cells were detected by immunofluorescence analyses in this study.
Removing the pack after the third postoperative day of surgery can reduce the incidence of foreign body reaction and delay healing.
Literature contains reports of other hem static materials (such as gelfoam and Surgicel) causing foreign body reactions that could not be distinguished from recurrent tumors on MRI1.
Furthermore, histological examination in these cases is similar to a foreign body reaction rather than the leukocyte infiltration one might expect from the more commonly recognised infections.
(1) If the operative field is potentially infected (as in Case 1), or potentially contaminated (as in Case 2), the implantation of non-absorbable Teflon felt into the soft tissues results in a foreign body reaction that is prone to secondary infection.
It also inhibits sperm motility and function, suppresses the endometrium, causes a weak foreign body reaction, and inhibits ovulation cycles in about 10% of women.
(3.) Manor A, Kaffe I : Unusual foreign body reaction to a braided silk suture: A case report: J Periodontol : 1982 : 53: 86
"The Combo Stent has demonstrated significantly lower neointimal hyperplasia, improved endothelial coverage relative to commercially available drug-eluting stents and lower presence of inflammation and foreign body reaction in multiple pre-clinical studies," said Renu Virmani, M.D., president and medical director of CVPath Institute, Inc.